I am sure lots of you have seen my Premier Jewelry page – and have wondered, “What in the heck is she doing now?”  Well, here’s the deal.  I’m gonna be straight out about it.

I’m not known for my fashion sense, and yes I know that’s an understatement.  But, not being known for fashion sense does not mean I prefer to look sloppy.  So….

I went to a Premier jewelry party.  And, I actually enjoyed myself.  Bought a bracelet and a ring.  And, I decided I wanted to have a party of my own.  And I did.  It was uber fun.  But what really came of having my own party was wanting to sell jewelry.  So…I signed on.

I’m not a pushy sales-persony person.  I’m loud, I’m nutty, I’m casual…but not uber pushy.  And, I guess I am going to fail at this job if I don’t start being a little more pushy.

Look at some of the pictures on my Premier Page.  It’s not bad stuff!  I’m loving the versatility of it.  So.  Here’s how it goes.

I come to your house.  I bring my jewelry.  You’ve invited 10 or more friends.  We play with Jewelry for about 40 minutes.  Your friends order jewelry.  You get free jewelry.

Not hard.

A lot of people get hung up on the “come to my house” thing.  So don’t.  Find a local restaurant (one you go to regularly is a good idea) and see if you can hold a party there!  You’ll be bringing along 10 friends (or more) and me!  They would love to get that kind of party into their joint!

Host a catalog show!  The perks aren’t QUITE as good, but they’re not awful!  You still get free jewelry.  Free.  Yes.  Free.  And the more your friends buy, the more you get free!

Yeah, probably lots of you are going to skip this blog.  But, I was just telling someone today to write from the heart.  And so…I am writing from the heart.  I really like selling Premier Jewelry and if you haven’t seen our stuff well….

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