No, we’re not talking A-Rod here.  If you know me, you know I would not bother talking about anything having to do with the Yankees.

Just talking juice.  Last week I pureed some wonderful mangoes with some watermelon and came up with a delicious juice that lasted me for about 4 days.  4 mangoes, half a watermelon, 4 days of lucious juice.  That one I did with my hand blender.

This week I cut up what turned out to be 3 mangoes and a whole canteloupe.  I added a squeeze of a lime…ok, a whole lime’s juice…and had to blend in the blendere.  Still, about 4 days worth of juice.

Well, last night on Ellen, Jessica Alba was talking about a green smoothie.  I think that’s next on my list.  Kale, cucumbers, ginger, apples and lemon juice.  I may add in some spinach too.

Why all this home-juicing?  Because I’m sick and tired of finding that my juice companies are either misrepresenting themselves (Naked) or owned by some big conglomerate (Bolthouse) or can’t really provide me with what I want to know (no GMO…organic).  So, I will get my own organic (or locally grown since organic is kinda difficult to find around here), and make a smoothie/juice I can store for a while and enjoy.

I think it might just be my new trend.  I might even ask for a juicer attachment for the Kitchen Aid for Christmas.  who knows.

Until later, y’all….green


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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