Return to Me

Do you ever have a week when you struggle to maintain the schedule you have set for yourself?   That’s been this week for me.  I admit, Jim has been away, so things are a little bit discombobulated.  But, that’s not the whole reason.

I am a creature of habit as most of us are.  And, with my daily grind, I start each day with a dog-walk, and breakfast.  I then sit back down with my devotionals, and my coffee.  I read, I pray.  Typically, I have one or two projects at work that I plug away at.

For whatever reason, the devotional time had slipped away this past week.  I don’t know why.  Actually, I think I just figured it out…one of my favorite devotionals is delivered via email and it hasn’t been showing up regularly…so that MIGHT be it but…

Anyway…after a bout with a 24 hour bug yesterday – I recommitted myself this week.  I had my breakfast, grabbed my coffee and devoted.  Started with prayer.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this beautiful day…and for my health!  Thank you for my sweet puppy dog, my loving mom, and my husband who will be coming home to me tomorrow.  Thank you Lord for all the good and wonderful things in my life.  Thank you also for the trying times which help me appreciate the good and wonderful!

Today Lord, I offer up my day as a gift to you – I promise to smile, and to shine your light into every situation I encounter.  If that light won’t come out…I promise not to be grumpy and angry.

You, Lord, are all things great and wonderful, and knowing that I am your child…your beloved, fills me with hope and perpetuates my faith.

In your blessed name, I offer my ramblings for the rest of the day…

I actually do that – talk to him all day long.  Running commentary of my day.  Offering it up in praise.

So, I got right back on the horse.  Last week was a train wreck, and God knows that.  I did get devotionals, and prayer in…but it wasn’t my usual scheduled thing.

My topic this week was going to be Hope and Faith.  And, well…I am talking about both.  But I think really, my topic is revival.  Revival in the sense that if we are “off” for a period of time…hopefully I’m not the only person in the world that happens to…we have the most amazing Heavenly Father, who opens his arms WHENEVER we seek him.  He knows we Prod_Sonare broken, and he knows we stray…but he also knows our heart and knows when we stray, we yearn to seek him.  And…when we seek him out, he welcomes us with open arms.  Wow.

So, take a listen to this cool Tim Timmons song.  I always call it “Revival Song” but it’s actually named Start With Me.

Starts With Me Tim Timmons

And here’s a reminder of our God’s wonderful love for us when we “return” to him.

The Lost (Prodigal) Son


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