Sometimes ya just gotta rock

I love a good Christian Contemporary song as much as the next person.  Seriously, I walk around all day long (okay, I sit) and I sing Christian songs in my head.  I’m doing Building 429’s “We Won’t Be Shaken” right now…It’s like K-Love or The Way in my brain…all the time.

But there are times ya just gotta rock.  And by Rock, I don’t mean Disciple or Kutless rock.  I mean…down and dirty 80’s-90’s quasi-hair metal rock.  Bang Your HEAD rock.

So…after church, and shopping, and all this past Sunday, Jim & I went out to dinner and to a free concert at a local “venue” called The Boathouse.  They have a Sunday Funday free concert series.  And this past Sunday it was SKID ROW.  Now, if you line up all the 80’s rock bands I like…Skid Row is probably in the top 25.  Not to compete with Tesla, Winger, Ratt, Great White, Cinderella, and Night Ranger…but, they’re on the list.  Especially without Sebastian.  Sorry, for all of you who love Bas, but I’m not a fan.  Of his.  Anyway NOT what this post is about.

We went to The Boathouse, and found a place on the “lawn” to watch the show – now, very cool spot – right on the Intracoastal (or is it Intercoastal…not sure) Waterway, kinda nestled between Hwy 17 and what used to be the Hard Rock or Freestyle Music Park…which now sits cold and closed right off 501.

With the Hard Rock/Freestyle HUGE ASS LES PAUL looming in the distance…we rawked to some old, some new, and some classic Skid Row.  I mean…aside from 18 and Life, and Youth Gone Wild…I Remember You was awesome….a short set of probably 10 songs max.  But, Jonny and the gang were great.  Not gonna “review” the show – cuz well…it was more of a house-party atmosphere.

Anyway…point is – I still gotta rock.  I don’t think there’s any other point I’m trying to make.  I love rock ‘n roll.  Don’t wanna go all Joan Jett on ya – but…sometimes you just have to embrace your 80’s rocker-chick self.  And I do.

Worst picture ever of a rock band...

Worst picture ever of a rock band…


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2 Responses to Sometimes ya just gotta rock

  1. Lindsay says:

    I absolutely agree. Sometimes I’m all about pop or oldies, but some days you just need to crank it up and go crazy.

    Also, that’s awesome that Skid Row was the free entertainment. Wonder what kinds of awesome will be happening over Labor Day weekend?? 😉


  2. maryaquino says:

    Labor Day…Labor Day….let me check out what’s going on over Labor Day and get back with you. This coming weekend is Coolio. Hee hee hee. So, they mix it up pretty well. And, they do a “country-esque” show on Friday nights.

    They serve food too…but it wasn’t quite as um…”family friendly” a place as I expected. Mostly looks like a run-down bar on the inside of the building, but the outside is awesome.


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