You are…really truly and certainly blessings to me…

While I admit the most recent blog entries are aimed at our wonderful SPIRIT DRIVEN team of Cursillo 171, I am telling you all right now how much of a blessing you ALL are to me.

Some of you know me “pre-God” (well, not really pre-God because I truly believe God was with me all that time)…and I think you might be frightened by my blog/journaling about my current walk.  Really.  Fear not.  Seriously, nothing to be afraid of.  If you want more, you want to know more…ask me and I’ll give you more Jesus.  If not…guess what…I think we can talk about Tesla…or greyhounds…or Blackbaud…or…Big Bang Theory…I am still me.

I just want you ALL to know that blessings come in all of your forms.  No matter what you are thinking about Jesus….you can be a blessing to me.

More tomorrow but for right now listen to Laura Story….   Blessings



About Solid Body Strong Mind

Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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3 Responses to Blessings…

  1. mr. mary Aquino says:

    Yes dear….( was that the right answer?)


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