In the big picture….

sunflowerHave you ever wondered WHY things happen to you?  I mean, I am pretty sure we all do.  But that moment where you say, “Why do I have to go thru this?”  You may ask God that question or you may just pose it to yourself…or the cosmos.

Today, I learned a little bit about why I have been through all the things of the past couple of years.  The doctors, the hospitals, the caring for others, the EMS calls, the hospice connection, dementia….

Mom found an old man (by her terms…and she’s 85) who had fallen up the street in front of a door of one of our neighborhood houses.  She isn’t strong enough to help him so I went up to try.  There I found a confused and disoriented gentleman, clearly elderly, sitting on the ground in front of a front door.

I tried to get a handle on what had happened – he had fallen, that he knew.  But he didn’t know if this was his house.   He didn’t know his name.  He felt he couldn’t stand up.  What he did know is that his arm was scraped and bleeding  So, at that moment, I knew we had to call 911.  I ran back to the house to get my phone and Jim & mom were coming out.  We actually asked another neighbor to call 911 and went to try to help the gentleman.

Jim always has a calm sweetness about himself when the going gets tough.  He immediately built rapport with the injured man.  We explained that we had called EMS and they were going to help him.  Just as EMS arrived, his wife Peggy also arrived.  I guess he is a hospice patient.  He has fallen before.  He hasn’t wandered off like this before and so we also learned he was 92 too.

EMS prepared him to go to the hospital.  He really wasn’t able to stand so they put him on a stretcher.

Okay, all of that was kinda stream of consciousness.  Here’s what I saw as I was there:  I saw in this man’s eyes, my dad. I saw all we had gone through to tread water – I saw his personality still shining through the fog of cancer and pain.  I remembered how my dad could charm the pants off the EMS drivers, the nurses and the doctors he came in contact with.  Hal (the elderly injured gentleman) could too.  That was clear.

I just wonder.  How do they get along alone?  I know it baffled my parents and they are very educated people…Living on your own as a senior must be challenging.  I don’t know…because I’m not yet…and my parents didn’t need to worry because once things got even the least bit challenging, I came and helped.  But what about those people who don’t have a me?  I’ve asked that question before…on this blog, I think.

And, kinda as a side note, doing a good deed for someone in your neighborhood is never a bad thing.  It never occurred to me NOT to help.  I just put on my shoes and ran.  No thought of anything  Just did it.

If you’re the praying type, say a prayer for the Todds of Carolina Shores.  They need a good thought today.

And, don’t think of patting me on the back…I just reacted.  Spread the kindness.  Help a neighbor.  Be nice.  Be kind.


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3 Responses to In the big picture….

  1. Penny says:

    you were and are His hands and feet… were Him, for them. It is so hard to see your parents age, and as a matter of fact it is my prayer that I can live long enough for my Dad, who will be 97 on Monday, not to have to bury another child….


  2. Lisa says:

    Glad you were there to help, Mary. It is so sad that so many people really do wind up alone. Blessed if you have others…even more blessed if you are one of those that can help others. Thanks for the reminder!


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