Proverbs 22:6

As with everything, I am learning.  God has a tender hand teaching me what I need to know.  Thank heavens for His grace, huh?

This week has been a bit of a challenge.  Rife with startling realizations, medical fun, participant challenges, team challenges…and guess what – we survived it all.  Let me tell you how God has been schooling me.

First, let me share what the verse in our subject is:  “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Where did that come from (aside from Proverbs?)  It’s TODAY’s verse of the day on Bible Gateway.  And I can tell you with a contrite heart that God has been training me in the way I should go…so that as I get older I will understand what it means to surrender my will to Him.

So, here’s the story.  I’ve been praying and begging people to bring in participants to the weekend…focused on what *I* want for the weekend, focused on what *I* thought was best for 171.  And gee…when the latest email came out, there were 20 or so participants on it!  I was elated.  We had the team all set with some new members, and 20 participants and growing…I was doing it!

Moments later, an email came through indicating that two people had to drop off the participant list.  A day later, I received notice that another team member had to cancel.  My heart sunk.

Today, as I was meditating on the events of the last week…It made sense to me.  I shared it with a couple of team members at The Well this morning thus I’m sharing with you all.  I wasn’t doing anything.  I had it in my mind that MY workings were the motivation behind what was happening with the weekend.

Gently, quietly, softly, God returned the weekend to the initial number of participants (the number He seems to be saying is proper) and to the team as HE wants it to be.  I can *do* as many things as I want but if I’m not down on my knees praying for his guidance, I’m not following *HIS* plan and therefore it becomes me and not Him.

So, here we sit at 18 participants.  And, we have our team at 24.  Right where we need to be…says HIM.  I ask this week that we pray for two key items:

1.  Mary will back off, and let God take control.  🙂

2. Pray for our existing participants (I will send along a list) and for ALL of team 171.  We have a job to do!

Also, a song I always have on my heart (Coop might say Matthew West Hello My Name is, but no!) is this beautiful anthem.  “Nothing compares to your embrace, light of the world FOREVER REIGN”

One Sonic Society Forever Reign

I love you all – I pray for your week to be one of love, fellowship, growth, and feeling the embrace of our AWESOME God.


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3 Responses to Proverbs 22:6

  1. Jim Ewing says:

    As we have said in many Cursillo weekends… whoever is there is there because God wanted them there, whoever is not there is because it was not their time.


  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for your inspiration, Mary. Keep doing good work!


  3. mr. mary Aquino says:

    ‘ Thy will be done…” words to learn, love, and live by. We can NOT do this alone….wouldn’t even try. I did in the past, and it never worked. No JESUS, NO peace….know JESUS, KNOW PEACE! The kind we can not explain with words. Peace…love…yeah, ” that’s the ticket!”


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