Feeling Sorry For Myself

Wonder why I fall into this?

So, I had this kind of a week:  Monday was Labor Day…a happy day since a year prior, I asked Jim to marry me on that day.

Tuesday was pretty normal…but if you are faint of heart or stomach, don’t read about Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, I began “prep” for a colonoscopy on Thursday.  The worst part, I thought, was having to drink 64 oz of Gatorade.  I thought.  This lovely concoction had 238 mg of Miralax in it.  And, I had taken 4 Dulcolax tablets too.  One would think that would um…clean me out, right?

14 hours later (this is at 6 AM Thursday), at the hospital, I am being turned away and told to reschedule because that fun combination had NOT in fact cleaned me out.  Home I came.  It took another 4 hours for the “fun” to start.

Here it is Friday.  My stomach is still all kinds of weird and of course, because that wasn’t fun enough, I have a migrane.  Eh, no…this is probably a sinus headache since I couldn’t take my allergy meds for 2 days.

Am I allowed to feel sorry for myself for 24 hours?  I know (believe me, I know) others have it much worse than I do.  I never EVER feel as if I have it bad.  I am blessed, for sure.  But, I feel like wallowing for a few hours.  Maybe 24.  I’ll be back to my normal self (watch out!) in a while.



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2 Responses to Feeling Sorry For Myself

  1. mr. mary Aquino says:

    Yeah, you’re allowed, just know you are loved more than words can say, by your mom , your dog, ( really, even if she doesn’t say it..) , your friends , and me! I know it probably doesn’t help, but it breaks my heart , to see you anything but happy….as Francis Albert sang, ” that’s life!..”. I think if we didn’t get ” bummed out,” the joy would be lost on us. It is only temporary , this too will pass…I know it doesn’t make it any less painful.. but I can’t imagine my life without you. I cherish every moment with you! ” in sickness and in health..”. I LOVE YOU!


  2. maryaquino says:

    I love you mr. mary aquino. More and more every day.


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