I like girly things too…

Y’know, I think I might have grown up out of synch with my actual numeric age.  So…maybe that’s why I’m going through my girly phase now…althought I can be very UN-girly too.  But that’s not what this is about.  This is my girly stuff.

I’m a fan of lavender and pink.  More lavender than pink but still a fan.  I also like light blues.

So, while I wear jeans a lot, I think it’s fun to wear a little color!  Even if it’s just a contrasting blue.

I also like shopping for stuff online.  I’m a big fan of buying things like makeup and haircare online.  You might think I’m crazy but it works well for me.  Typically, I begin by shopping for the stuff I am going to buy online in a store once…get an idea of how colors work on me.  Then, after the first time around, I’m good with knowing what shades to pick.

A favorite online store for my girly things is Ulta.  Here are some of my favorite purchases at Ulta:

C. Booth Honey Almond Body Wash – I like their body washes because they are good cleansers without being overly harsh on the skin.  My skin tends to dry out easily, especially on my hands.  So, this is a good body wash to use to avoid that.  I also tend to follow up with a moisturizer after a shower.  C. Booth makes zillions of really good ones.

Organix Macadamia Nut Oil Shampoo (I use the conditioner too) – I started using Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo, and frequently switch off to it because I like to change what I use.  For some reason (I think it was a buy one get one sale), I tried the Macadamia Nut Oil shampoo and conditioner and was hooked!  It’s great.  Smells great, cleans thoroughly and conditions my hard to condition hair!  It’s a little pricey, but when I hit a sale…well…it’s worth it!

Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam – Okay, I admit, I color my hair.  Like I ever hid that.  Many different brands make a good product.  Honestly, if L’oreal ever stops testing on animals, I may just use Excellence again since it’s great but…still animal testing.  From what I’ve read, Garnier does not.  I’ll probably find out in a few months (or minutes…this is the Web, you know) that Garnier DOES test on animals and I’ll have to find another one but right now, their color foam in Medium Auburn is great.  Easy to apply, easy to rinse out, great color, wonderful conditioning.  I’m sold.

Opi Nail Polish – mostly, I like to polish my toenails because they are heinous without polish on them.  But, Opi makes great colors that last.  I really like them.  And, I’m not a frequent fingernail polisher, but when I do…it’s best that the color doesn’t peel right off, or chip within the first 24 hours.  Opi’s been pretty good for me.

Benefit Cosmetics – Let me say that I’m a fan of expensive cosmetics.  So, you won’t find Benefit in CVS yet.  Or Family Dollar…ever.  That being said, Benefit is my favorite cosmetic company.  I learned about them years ago from my dear dear dear friend Lisa, who runs Beauty Cafe.  Haven’t been there?  Go now.  Buy lots.  She’s amazing.  I was in Dallas, shopping with her, and well…Benefit cosmetics just caught my eye and I loved them.  I have used a little bit of everything by them.  I even bought their mascara (it’s called “They’re Real“…how could you not love it?)  I highly recommend them.

That’s all stuff I buy at Ulta cuz…well…I can.  But I have a couple of other favorite girly things I like.

Perfume.  I’m picky tho.  I only wear BPAL (a.k.a. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab).  My favorite is Blood Kiss.  I like a lot of them – Black Rose is another one I like a lot.

Birchbox – I heard about them a zillion times and really didn’t know or care what the buzz was.  But one day, one of my friends blogged about an item (don’t remember which one) that piqued my curiosity.  So…I went and looked at birchbox.com and decided…oh what the heck.  Might as well try it.  And, I like the stuff they send.  Are they sample sizes?  Yes.  Are they sometimes nothing I’d ever use?  Yes.  But every once in a while, they send a box full of winners.

Lucky Brand – oh, I just like expensive jeans.  I haven’t bought any in a long time because well…I’m fat right now…but, I have a penchant for Lola boot cuts and Lil Maggies.  Oddly, I’m a big fan of Vera Wang and Donna Karan stuff too…but I don’t EVER buy their stuff.

Lastly, jewelry.  By now y’all know I sell Premier Designs Jewelry, or if you don’t…you DO now!  I’m a big fan of their stuff too, not just because I sell it.  I love the versatility in the different styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches they have.  And, I like that a lot of the stuff is made in the USA.  I hope to be able to sell some of you some cool jewelry in the future, online.

I know many of my friends don’t think of me as a fashionable, girly type girl…but sometimes I like to enjoy the idea of being a nicely polished girl.


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