A quick, short…aww…who am I kidding…

Everything that starts out quick and short with me always winds up long, drawn out…hopefully not boring but…

Today, I’m battling the same ole demons.  You may battle them too:

  1. The “You’re Not Good Enough” demon – he’s the one that sits on my left shoulder and he’s the only one I can hear thru my left ear.  Yes, demon.  Otherwise I only hear a constant high pitched wailing/whining/tinny sound.
  2. The “You’ll Never Get It All Done” demon – I don’t talk much about him because he’s such good friends with demon #1 that sometimes they’re almost the same demon.
  3. The “You’re Defined by the Job You Do, How Doting A Daughter/Wife You Are” demon.  I guess also a dear friend and close compatriot of Not Good Enough…

Y’know, maybe some of you know these demons.  I’ve been singing “You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North today.  It’s got a similar theme to Matthew West’s “Hello My Name Is” and so it helps me remember that I’m not just those things that the world uses to define myself.

I have a new mantra.  Of course, I get a new mantra regularly but…this one I’m gonna stick with.  Every morning when I get up and go start my work computer, I’m going to spend some time with God.  Praying.  Reading His Words.  Devoting time just to us…God ‘n me.

Child of God.  Blessed.  Redeemed.  Saved.


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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