Gentle Nudges

great commandmentBefore the Cursillo weekend, I had a hard time believing that God was doing all that he did for us.  Not so much that I didn’t believe he COULD, it was more of a fear that too much of Mary was in the “work of God”.  I felt it was possible I put my will into areas that I should have allowed God to do HIS work.

Throughout the weekend I felt God nudge me…kinda the elbow of a friend.  My friend God.  Yes.  He is a friend.  One I talk to all the time.  I even try to listen to him!  (Yes, I’m learning….)

Mom and I plan to start studying Philippians.  In my opinion, it’s a good place for her to start.  She has rarely (if ever) cracked the binding of a bible.  So, since she knows all the stories of the Gospels, due to hearing them read for 85 years, she has a foundation.  We discussed starting with a positive, uplifting letter and have her delve into it by reading and re-reading until she has some “thoughts” she wants to share.

Philippians is so full of Love and Joy.  Right in the first chapter, Paul offers a prayer that is uplifting, to me at least:  9 And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, 10 so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, 11 filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.

Honestly – this is what I believe the study of God’s word is…knowledge, and depth of insight comes from reading The Word.  And, the more you immerse yourself, the more you can discern what actions to take, what words to say, what to feel, how to feel…because when you are immersed in The Word, you are growing ever closer to Christ.

So to start with Philippians is to me the place to open up a love for the Bible.  We can look closely at the words Paul sent to the church at Philippi and discuss how he showed incredible joy and love while writing from jail.

Take a few moments and listen to Matt Maher’s Lord I Need You.


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    Mary, I know you work from your home, but if you could get Margaret to my house on Wednesdays, then I can take her with me to Bible Study from 3:30-5pm down on Possom Trot.. I pick up Elaine Crafton, too. We are studying a DVD/book study on Exodus. The book is Fire on the Mountain by Vanderlaan. and we are beginning it on Wednesday next. I also am trying to go Thursday nights to the Well. xxx Your Mom is so awesome! xx…


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