Something from nothing

Or, we can subtitle this one, “Pansies from Poop”….

This is kinda a mini-witness without any verses or strange extra musings added in. I’m not looking for pity or anything – I just want to expose the change that has come over me.

I’m gonna say this has been a tough week. I’ve been under the weather for a few days. Feeling yucky made me kinda want to crawl under the covers and not see/be seen by anyone. FINALLY today, I feel much better.

That’s not the witness.

Other yuckiness – we (Jim & I) have been struggling with some issues of a household nature – and I will admit, I’ve been dragging my heels because I didn’t want to get OVER-INVOLVED in fixing the problem at the house. However, it did come to a head today – and I could have gotten angry. I could have broken down and cried. I could have pointed a finger and reprimanded.

Instead, I truly felt as if God lifted it off my shoulders. Not so much took the responsibility away, but took the worry, the fear, the pain it causes…took it from me. I did hear a little whisper in my ear that said, “This is mine…I’ve got it…fear not…” (Well, actually, I didn’t hear a voice, but I felt it in my heart….)

And while things have been roller coaster all week long…Tomorrow is a day I’ve been waiting for since October 13th. Ultreya!

God is Good ALL THE TIME.
All the time GOD IS GOOD!


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2 Responses to Something from nothing

  1. mr. mary Aquino says:

    I’m confused……nothing new.


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