So, what now?

They told me I was “done” on Saturday.  But, I don’t want to be done.  I want to hold onto this feeling for EVA!

What feeling is that?  Happy with no specific reason why.  Giddy when I know why I’m happy.  Comforted, protected, loved, loving, protecting, comforting.  A big fish in a small pond and a small fish in a big pond.  I feel close to God, and close to my friends and family.

What nonsense is she speaking of (I can hear Charles saying, “Diva of Digression right now)?  I feel as if my world has gotten a lot bigger, but everyone I love has gotten a lot closer to me.  How?  Because I have this new group of family that I care for SO MUCH I can’t exactly express it.

This morning I mentioned how I can’t wait until March to see everyone again.  We need sooner!  I am blessed that a good deal of my new family is a part of my “old” family (don’t feel old, I’m saying beyond 4 weeks ago old…) and I know that members of this “new” family have expressed wanting to stay connected to each other.  SO…let’s DO IT!

How?  Well, first off, someone get Hank, Brenda & Jim, Barbara, Karen, Diane, Sandy and Donna onto Facebook!  Just for this reason!  LOL.  I can email too.  I just haven’t put everyone in my address book yet.  I will.

I also think we should all commit to something like a community sharing of moments closest to Christ, devotionals that touched us, verses in the Bible that spoke to our heart in some way.  That isn’t a requirement every day (and I don’t mean start spamming everyone…LOL)

We are family now – if you have been touched, or need some prayer and uplifting…call out to us.  Share with us.  We will pray together and separately.

Now, go get your roommates onto Facebook y’all.  NOW.  And let’s plan a gathering!



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2 Responses to So, what now?

  1. mr. mary Aquino says:

    ….will there be bacon & brownies?


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