This will be short, because I don’t have a ton to say…healing

May your prayers today be prayers of healing.  Look inward and consider what needs to be healed.  Sit in peace and quiet and hear the Lord telling you what he wants you to do going forward.

Healing the past makes way for the future.  Pause and read Ephesians 3, especially from verse 14 on.  Use it as your prayer today for healing and for comfort – the Lord’s love is indescribably vast and through this amazing love we are redeemed.



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2 Responses to Healing

  1. Penny Crawford says:

    Keep my little Tucker in your healing prayers. He may have a brain tumor. He’s been having seizures since March. We’ve been working with prednisone for about 6 wks which doesn’t seem to be working. The power of prayer is amazing. I know where he is going when God calls him, just as I know that I will see him again. Blessings. penny


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