Thank you Joyce Meyer

crossY’know when the stars all line up and you’re reminded several times of the same thing?

This morning, I was thinking to myself, “Self…” haha…just kidding.  I was thinking to myself tho: Prayer…what is “intercessory prayer”?  I didn’t know the meaning of the word “intercessory” … it was one of those words I hear, I understand it in a sentence, but I don’t 100% know the definition.  So, I looked it up.

It’s the adjective form of intercession:

intercession  (ˌɪntəˈsɛʃən)
— n
1. the act or an instance of interceding
2. the act of interceding or offering petitionary prayer to God on behalf of others
3. such petitionary prayer

Petitionary prayer.  Petitionary – the act of petitioning.  (Formal request).

Then along comes Joyce Meyer – while my daily devotional always has a prayer starter, this devotional TODAY was about praying.  And making it simple.  So I thought to myself, can you have simple, straight-forward petitionary prayer?  Can I ‘formally’ ask God for intervention but in a friendly, one-on-one way?  Sure!  I was, and still am, positive I can.  For example, I want to pray for my friend Molly and her husband Terry.

Dear Lord Jesus – Molly and Terry, your faithful servants really need you now.  They need your healing, they need your comfort, and because when you’re down…well, that’s when the evil one tries his best to infiltrate.  Cover them with your angels’ wings – surround them with peace and healing.  Lift them up so they can feel your strength and power and know you are God.

See, that’s kinda “informal” but formal.  My prayers are often informal – because I feel as if every day I start the day as a prayer and continue in that prayer all day long.  My conversation with God.

Now, as I am waiting to “hear back” from him about my future plans, I have to remember…be still…wait for that still small voice.  (The word WAIT always trips me up…)

So what’s my “call to action” for you?  Pray.  Do it in whatever form you have.  I know some of you aren’t as “into” God as I am.  But really, if you take the time to put your petition out to “the cosmos” and you WAIT…you will receive an answer.  You may be like I am – and only see that answer in your rear view mirror…but it will be there.  Ask for what you need.  Ask for what your friends need.  Take the time.

And don’t be so concerned with the loftiness of the words you use.  Pray it out in your day-to-day language.  Because…well, think of it this way: (substitute whatever diety makes you happy here) God is your friend.  Do your friends ask you to speak in high English when you talk with them?  Probably not.  Do you have to rhyme your couplets when you ask a favor?  Naaaah.  So…just “tell it like it is” and wait.

As it says in James 5: pray for each other so that you may be healed…these prayers produce “wonderful results”…

To Him be the praise!


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