Heeding the call…also known as ignoring the call in my case

I said this in my Facebook status this morning but I have been feeling this pull all day to gracewrite a blog…so…well, hopefully I will at least make a little bit of sense.

As if the “stars” are aligning, today my devotionals all lined up to say pretty much the same thing.  I’m paraphrasing by saying, “Get off your butt and do what God is calling you to do.” While paraphrased, the sentiment is apropos.

That would be one thing, if 5 devotionals lined up and said about the same thing.  And, they did.  But wait.  Around 2 PM, I received yet another “devotional” that was in effect saying the same thing.

So, how can I ignore God now?

Some of you know that I post on Facebook about Cursillo.  And, some of you also know that I’ve done some Cursillo posts here too.  In South Carolina, weekend #172 is occurring right now.  So, to help remind MY little lambs from Cursillo 171 about their weekend and the need to always draw near to God, I have been reminding the group what each day has been like – or at least what the contents for the day are.

Remember today is about discovering who you are in God.  What your ideal is, what grace means, who the laity of the church are, what faith is, and finally, how a life lived in grace is a pious life.  Today is also about how Christ sees you.  God’s grace is something you cannot earn, you will never “do enough works” to make God love you more.  And, Christ bought our grace with the ultimate sacrifice.

Tomorrow is about growing closer to God.  I know God, but how can I know Him better?  The answers are studying His word, participating in the sacraments…in communion with others, taking action – bringing others to Christ, overcoming the obstacles to a life lived in grace, and being a Christian leader.  Yes, we are all called to lead in our own ways.  Being a Christian isn’t always easy…in fact, it frequently is NOT easy.  But, it is our actions…our struggling to come closer and closer to Christ that make us leaders, and show others that there is, in fact, a God that loves us and has giving his only Son so that we can live a life of pure abounding love.  Yep.

Sunday, finally, in the weekend is all about going home.  No, not dying….going home from your Cursillo weekend and stepping out in Faith…committing to showing the love of Christ to all we come in contact with.  How do we do this?

Okay.  So, I paraphrased a bit.  That’s not really the perfect ‘script’ for the weekend but…it does bring me to my point.

To continue the original point (yeah, I do know I started somewhere else) Cursillo is a reminder to me that God does not put us on the earth to be passive observers of our life…as it whirrs by.  No.  He actually has a plan for us.  And, he wants us to live into his plan.  He wants us to answer the call.

Focus it down one more step?  I need to get off my butt and do what he’s calling me to do.  Yep.

You do too, don’t you?


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