It’s NOT the dog’s fault…but…

In respose to the “Pitbulls are Dangerous” blog that is circulating, I submit the following Cute Puppy Girl Sittingblog and also comment that training, parenting, good fences, and a little bit of responsibility on EVERYONE’S part would go a long way in situations such as these. I’m not saying everyone should get a pitbull. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. Bet there are behaviorists out there who will agree with me when I say KNOW THE BREED YOU ARE ADOPTING (or buying, but please, adopt don’t shop!)

Maybe I’m some sort of brain child and I just was smarter than everyone I know back in the early part of this century (just kidding, I highly doubt that) but I actually did RESEARCH before adopting a greyhound. I read up on the breed, their needs, their habits. And I believed greyhound was the breed for me.

Additionally, when I determined that Coombsy was unable to control her urge to bite other dogs that got TOO MUCH in her space during meet & greets…I started to leave her at home. (She’s not the same dog she was back then, but I still won’t take her to meet & greets).

What am I saying? I knew the breed, I knew my dog…I acted RESPONSIBLY. If the owner of the pitbull (or any dog that kills or maims a human) was acting responsibly…the dog would not have been unsupervised around a child who might just possibly “take his bone”.

If you don’t have the time to learn about the breed, know your dog, supervise your kids and your dog…then maybe, just maybe you need to not have a dog. Or a kid. Or both.

The answer to the problem is not wide-spread legislation (don’t we have enough thumb twiddling going on in our governmental halls now-a-days?)  The answer is individual and personal.  Only YOU know what kind of lifestyle you lead.  Only YOU know if you’ll be able to manage a dog and 3 kids.  Only YOU know if you’ll be able to contain an animal that could be dangerous to your neighbors.  Matt Walsh never said in his blog that pitbulls should be illegal.  He said he would never own one.  That is a personal decision made based on his desire to keep his family “safe”.  He probably won’t go out and buy a car that gets horrible safety ratings either.

I, on the other hand, live dangerously.  I have an ill mannered 14 (almost) year old “bitch” (she’s a she-dog…that’s the term) that has a tendency towards sleep startle, has bitten several dogs (mostly foster dogs), has drawn blood on me twice when colliding with me.  This is why you seldom see her unless she’s taking her daily constitutionals with one of the family. I try to be responsible.  She’s not a dangerous dog (unless you’re a squeaky toy) but she reacts.  And so I reacted to her reactions…by keeping her home.  BTW, she loves staying at home.  I also frequent loud rock concerts and could care less what my car’s safety rating is.  That’s just me.

What’s the point?  I’m just asking you to think…especially if you are considering enhancing your life with a pet.  Matt Walsh (in his Pitbull blog) did say something I disagree with…that humans are more important than animals.  And, while I see his point, I believe that every being has value. Therefore, consider your companion’s value before you add to your family.

Next chapter of this subject might be titled: It’s not enough just to want to “SAVE” a dog….



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