Thank you Pioneer Woman…

I totally forgot to blog about the amazing salad I had last week that I’ve been trying to replicate all week long (not spot on, but I didn’t buy two of the ingredients…ooops). And then I read about her kale citrus salad.  Well, here’s mine with variations you might like:leafy_greens

Kale and Strawberry Salad


Fresh strawberries, sliced across the berry the wide way

Red Onion

Sunflower seeds

Dried cranberries

Feta cheese

Vinaigrette dressing (any one you like a lot)

Of course, combine and toss but here are a couple of adjustments I’ve made:

1. Leave out the sunflower seeds and red onion because you forgot to buy them.

2. Sub chopped pecans for sunflower seeds (cuz you forgot to buy ’em).

3. Add or sub raisins to or for the cranberries. (Any dried fruit would do, I think).

4. Wish you had bought red onions.

5. Swap out feta for bleu or goat cheese.

6. Make a salad wrap – with a pliable flour tortilla.

7. Use chives or scallions instead of red onions.

8. Make your own vinaigrette – and my little “creamy” secret is to add a tbsp of greek yogurt to the vinaigrette to make it a “creamy” vinaigrette.

Kale is good for you – prepare it as you might for any raw recipe. If you’re a kale-massager, or a strip cutter, or would prefer chard or escarole – go for it. Arugula would be awesome too.

Have a fresh, exciting salad or salad wrap.



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