The Winger Story – July 2, 2014 – Coop and Winger

So…some of you have heard a little bit about this – my blog this week is on rock ‘n roll.

In May, while on vacation in Massachusetts, I got a notification that Winger was going to be playing at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues on July 2. Being the relatively hard core fan I am, it took me around … um … five seconds to decide to buy tickets for Jim & me.

Fast forward to around early June…VIP passes become available for our show. And, again, not being one to marinate on such things for a long time, I clicked the button, paid the price, and VIOLA…wait VOILA (LOL), we are going to be VIP guests. Yay.

Between that time and last night, Jim got in a car wreck that should have killed him…or possibly less dramatically, incapacitated him more than he wound up being. Just a fractured sternum (JUST?) and a bone chip floating around in his elbow causing a great deal of pain.

Fast forward again to last night. Jim decided he wanted to bring his newest friend, the Warwick (German made) bass to have Kip sign at VIP. And here’s where the fun starts.

We decided to eat a little dinner before heading to the show. We stopped at security around 8:40 and asked if they would let him bring the bass in for the meet & greet so Kip could sign it. One of the really cool security guys (yeah, they were the BOMB last night – all were super nice, very polite, and helpful…out of their way awesome…) asked the “higher ups” if it would be okay for Kip to sign the guitar. After a little bit, word comes back that it’s cool. And, we could leave the guitar in the ticket office until time for meet & greet…and then after during the concert too!

Dinner was great – had a terrific waiter named Steve. He got us in and out in less than an hour and we set off to pick up the bass and go to the VIP meet & greet. We got upstairs to the Loge and hung out until it was our time to go “meet” the band. Everyone was SUPER nice – as always, I’ve met them before and they are fun, funny, and really cool. Jim had his Coop vest on, and yet he introduced himself to Kip as Jim and asked Kip to sign the head stock of the bass. Kip was awesome about it and they talked a bit about basses, etc. Jim told Reb how much he respected Reb’s work and what a great musician he was. Four pictures and a handful of autographs later…and off we went to store the bass and watch the end of Firehouse and wait for Winger.

Remember – Jim still has the fractured sternum and elbow…only he and I know that right this minute. He has not been on his feet for 6 hours straight since the accident so…long about Headed for a Heartbreak (around halfway thru the show), he is getting a bit exhausted and starting to hurt since the pain meds only last about 5 hours-ish.

The show was awesome. I mean…they were really great – Kip was totally diggin the crowd and the crowd was really responsive – cheering for old songs AND new songs. They played the songs we expected – Ez Come Ez Go, Hungry, Miles Away, Heartbreak, Can’t Get Enough…and some good newer songs like Stone Cold Killer and Rat Race…Ending, as always on Seventeen.

USUALLY the show ends there. Kip had been extra chatty last night – aside from telling the crowd how they each have been in multiple OTHER bands…and how Winger writes songs…he then, after Seventeen, starts touting local musicians and music. “If you like a local band, go see them live. If you have a friend that’s a local musician, go see him live. Support the local talent.” He asks the crowd, “Anyone here play guitar? Who plays guitar?” and a ton of hands shot up (mine included). THEN he asks, “How about bass. Anyone play bass?” Hands go up in the audience.

Next thing we know, he’s saying something about a local bass player in the audience. He yells, “Coop!  You still here Coop? Where’s Coop?” He (Coop) was talking to the sound guy. Eventually, after bringing the house lights up and everyone looking around, the sound guy helps Kip locate Coop.

“Come up here, Coop!!” he yells. And, Coop starts towards the stage. Talk about the crowd parting like the Red Sea…they let him thru. He gets to the foot of the stage and Kip said, “No man, up HERE” pointing to the stage. The HOB crew, AGAIN was awesome and helped get him around to the side of the stage.

After Coop walked out on stage, Kip says, “Coop’s gonna play a song with us…” and handed him HIS bass (Kip’s bass – not Coop’s) And…off they go into Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin Bout Love. Coop said Kip asked him if he knew it (of course he did). Kip started to talk him thru the beginning of the song, and Coop said, “Yeah, then C, G, A…etc…” Kip was convinced and then went about the task of singing the song – Really seemed to feel comfortable with Coop keeping up with Reb & John.

Afterwards, Kip introduced him again to the crowd saying, “He’s one of your own, Myrtle Beach!”

NEEDLESS TO SAY (but I’ll say it anyway), I was screaming my bloody head off…and freaking out…and screaming to everyone how THAT’S MY HUSBAND!!!!! Yeah, my rock star husband, for sure!

He told me that Reb said how great he did – that’s when Coop told him his arm was broken. Johnny Roth congratulated him and so did Rod..etc… It was amazing.  Now…here is the Youtube link: Coop With Winger and…the still shot…it was taken before I remembered I could actually RECORD A VIDEO with my phone. Duh, Mary.

The video is tiny, sorry – my phone does not zoom when in video mode that I know of. And, if you’re watching…yes, that’s me screaming in the video…and screaming, “That’s My Husband!”

I have always told Jim that he is a rock star – well, he’s my rock star with or without the performance last night…however…he definitely had the crowd psyched up too. Local boy.

So what did YOU do on July 2nd??



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4 Responses to The Winger Story – July 2, 2014 – Coop and Winger

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  2. Kandi Ranson says:

    This is Way Cool! Thanks for sharing! I am more appreciative of These guys now than I was before. It is an awesome thing that they are so supportive of all musicians like that. And Coop you Rocked it! Well wishes and speedy healing. Hope to see you play live again soon. Hoping next time it can be in person. Keep on Rockin’ In The Free World.


  3. Jager says:

    I am the Security guy at the back door and was getting a set list out of the trash for a ten year old bass player.I told Kip he had a fan out back and would he sign the set list.Sure,he said Let’s go meet this future rock star.And I told him what he did for the last song was very cool.He was humble and a very nice guy.He made an adults and kids dream come true.Not bad for one nights work,don’t you think?


    • maryaquino says:

      I’ve met Kip a few times over the years and he is amazingly down to earth and a good person. That said, I was blown away when he started calling my husband’s name. Thus the overwhelming screaming in the video.

      As you said, I’ve met a lot of rock stars….never have I seen anything quite like last Wednesday. It would be awesome if Winger came back thru MB next time they tour….


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