When is Enough Enough?

sunflowerYeah, I’ve heard the saying that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And, most of the time, I kinda feel that way.  However, I’m almost at “uncle” stage…reference to the old way to stop a fake fight (“Say UNCLE!”)

Oh, life isn’t really bad and please know that I know others have it way worse than I do. Sometimes it seems as though the sh*t piles up to a point where I can’t see over it.  Yes, that happens to everyone too.

And, I’m not begging for pity – those of you who know me know I use this blog as a way to “blow off steam” and to pray for … whatever. I am doing so again now.

So, what’s been going to that brings me to the point of “enough is enough”?

Fourteen years ago August 31, I purchased a little (yeah VERY little) house in Sangaree. It was a nice, quiet neighborhood. I started to settle down there – got a dog, did some landscaping…and my neighborhood was okay! I enjoyed living there except for the commute to Daniel Island but still, I enjoyed living there.

I had ups and downs. After Flyer died, I totally lost the will to have a nice back yard. The ensuing 10 years pretty much had me battling weeds that sometimes exceeded my height…and my 6’ privacy fence’s height. I had a rosemary bush overrun my front yard.  Yes, I had challenges. But, it was still my place.

Then, in June 2011, my life changed. I had to leave that house … pretty much forever … to move in with my parents and care for my dad until he passed and then my mom (which is ongoing). Life changed again when I married my best friend Jim who had been living in that house since late 2009. We no longer wanted to live separately (as husband and wife) and he moved in May of 2013.

We’ve kept up as best we can with the house. My landscaper comes a couple times a month in the summer and less in the winter to keep the yard looking okay. One neighbor keeps an eye out for any unrest in the neighborhood.

Well…that all came to a crashing halt last week. Seems my neighbor’s child (that used to walk the the dog with me…used to help me with my yard work….) has decided that he can break INTO my house with his friends and smoke pot, drink, and do whatever other illegal things he feels like doing.

So, today, I started the process rolling to have him arrested if he does, in fact, trespass again. Oh, and his friends too.

Do you want to know what kind of emotional agony I’m in over this? Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna tell you anyway.

I don’t understand people. I keep to myself. I don’t bother anyone. I come and go from MY property without trespassing on others. If I’m planning to cross that line, I check.

Yet this family that I thought were good neighbors seems to believe that their son can do nothing wrong.

I consulted a couple of police-oriented friends. One gave me the steps to take to make this known to the county sheriff’s office. The other gave me advice from a “God” standpoint – and I offer this to you too.


“God does not want us to be victims.” (That’s a direct quote). Here’s my interpretation – we all have rules that we live by. The OVERRIDING rules in this country are the laws. Most are similar to the Biblical laws – thou shalt not…and while “breaking and entering” isn’t on that list, I kinda think God doesn’t want people to trespass. Again, an interpretation.

So what to do now?  I am waiting, praying, and hoping that this all comes to an end without any legal intervention. Maybe you can pray for that too. And, for the continue protection of my family.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to When is Enough Enough?

  1. Lindsay says:

    That’s crazy, who does that?!
    I hope the police catch the kid, and his friends, and that they finally leave you alone. 😦


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