Is there such a thing as “Too Much Pumpkin”?

I am in a pumpkin mood. Moreso than ever before.  See, I bought a pumkin a week or so ago and roasted it. And made pumpkin puree. And used it in muffins. And it was good.

When you find something like that makes you happy, what do you do next?  Buy more pumpkin. And Roast. Etc…lather, rinse, repeat. (Well, you know what I mean). So this time…I’ve got some pumpkin…like LOTSA pumpkin. Enough that I was thinking I could possibly freeze some for later consumption. And I may just do that. Not without giving you a heads up as to my newest “smoothie” idea.

I’m not a Starbux gal…but, I’m not blind, deaf, or for that matter stupid. Therefore, since um…I think Sept 5th, the news about the re-emergence of Pumpkin Spice Latte has been in my face. Therefore, I decided it might be just as good as a pure and simple smoothie. So what did I do?

I decided to combine my pumpkin puree with some vanilla soymilk, some oat bran and flaxseed meal (for EXTRA nutrients) some coconut sugar, and “pumpkin pie spice” mix. The first go-round would have been a LOT better if I had remembered the coconut sugar. Or any sweetener at all but that said…it wasn’t bad sweet-free.

This second attempt was great. I left out the oat bran and flaxseed meal just cuz it was more of a lunch shake.  But I remembered the sugar!

I did it all organic so here’s what I did:

  • 4 oz organic vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 3 tsp (or a little more) coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (my personal mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger & nutmeg)
  • splash of vanilla extract

Really, at that point I just buzzed it with my hand mixer and it was good.


This good.  I intend to post other recipes I’ve “completed” as I move through my pumpkin stage. Pumpkin is good.


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