No Puppy Pictures…..

One of the only things I “don’t like” about adopting a rescue dog…and this transcends all breeds…is no puppy pictures.  Don’t get me wrong. I have no desire to housebreak a dog. If you’ve met Coombsy, you know that I really don’t know how to do that. 🙂

Not knowing my princess as a puppy is probably a good thing. She is precocious and conniving. She’s intent and intense. When she wants something, she will insist…until you cave. And she is the sweetest thing when she wants to be.

She was never REALLY meant to be my foster dog. Honestly, she was supposed to be a friend’s foster dog. But, since Flyer had died (just a week before) and I was pretty distraught….everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to take Coombsy.

Oh, we had a rocky start. She didn’t much like the fact that I was gone all day. I’d come home every night to a dog that was covered AT LEAST in pee. Sometimes poop too.  I think after the first couple of weeks, she just got sick of standing up and “avoiding” what she’d done in the crate and just decided it was better to lie down. Did I mention she’s a white dog?

Anyway, from those days sprung a severe dislike for water….daily baths to get her clean…well…I would probably hate baths too if I was carried into a tub every day and covered with soap and water…

She has been thru “it all” with me. Greyhound events. Foster dogs. Freef dying. Jim moving to South Carolina. Moving to North Carolina. Dad dying. Chelsea dying…we’ve been together almost 11 years.

So why all the “nostalgia”? Because tomorrow, believe it or not, she turns 14. She was born November 19, 2000. Aside from her mom’s name (Viv’s Amazed), I don’t know anything else about her when she was born. And I don’t know what she looked like. I can only imagine. I mean…she’s 99% white, except for her ears which used to be fawn. So she was probably cute as a button when she was a puppy.

We have this conversation now – okay, I talk, she sits there and stares at me as if I were nuts. I tell her how she is a sweet girl, and she’ll be my only girl ever. I promise her that I’ll never get another girl greyhound. I never wanted a girl greyhound to begin with. I’m partial to the big silly boy greyhounds. But somehow this sweet “little” girl melted my heart. And because of that, I want her to hold that little part of my heart that only she can.

I also tell her that she’s not required to stay alive just for me. When it’s her time…she can just go. I will allow her that gift. I won’t try to hold onto her with extraneous methods. She is in good health now so we’re blessed. But, when it’s her time…I want her to be peaceful – no vets, no car rides…heck, no water! : )

For now, it’s important to remember how precious she is…and silly…and beautiful…and graceful…well, maybe not graceful. She is and always will be my princess. Princess Coombsy Jean Aquino-Cooper. Yup.



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3 Responses to No Puppy Pictures…..

  1. Cricket says:

    Happy Birthday, Coombsie!!

    Cricket & Cheryl
    Mulligan & Xena


  2. maryaquino says:

    Love and kisses to you all too!


  3. Mary,
    This made me cry. My beautiful Seashell doggie passed away on Easter Monday. We got a new dog in July, but I still miss Seashell terribly. I remember when she turned 13, and I had similar thoughts. However she was SO healthy. Then all of a sudden, she wasn’t. She waited until after our wedding to leave, so she would not mar it, and could share it with everyone she loved. Then she crossed over. Her stocking will be empty this year, and we will walk in the Christmas parade without her. Dogs are wonderful gifts from God.


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