What an honor…

I have to admit I’m writing this on my phone so any and all typos are likely auto-correct…

Many of you know I work for Blackbaud, and I have been blessed to work there for almost eighteen years. This may be my first blog touting what a great company it is, though. I’ve been remiss in shouting from the rooftops just how great working there makes me feel.

Tonight we donated 5275 toys to Toys for Tots. We do it every year, I admit. And every year I am puffed up with pride at the generosity we employees show. We do a lot of giving back throughout the year. This annual donation is a “given” and somehow we seem to outdo ourselves time and time again.

I guess it helps me remember what this season is all about. Not really the tangible gifts but the intangible giving of ourselves to bring joy to others.

I may still be lacking in holiday spirit but tonight after seeing the good Blackbaud does, I am joyful.



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