I might seem clingy ….

So, if you get an oddball Facebook post from me in th next few weeks, don’t be alarmed. You see, I learned a painful lesson this past week. I thought I would share the lesson with you so you can learn from my mistake. Thursday started off identically to Wednesday.  Got up, worked out, showered, went to work. Spent about 3 hours focusing on class…the one I was observing. Around noon, I received a barrage of messages from Jim insisting I call him immediately.

I don’t clearly recall the rest of the day. I recall my feelings. Despair. Sadness. Guilt. Disbelief. It brought no comfort that I wasn’t alone in these feelings.

I prayed. Please God, don’t let this be true.

Have you ever put off being a good friend? What I mean is, have you INTENDED to get together with a friend and continually put it off because you were “too busy”? Let me encourage you NOT to do that anymore. See, that saying “life is short” isn’t just a saying. It’s real. And in a moment, that person you INTENDED to hang out with could be gone. Every moment is precious. Every day is a gift. I’m not just spouting  clichés.  I’m telling you that our time here is just a grain of sand and when you put off those times you could be enjoying the company of friends who mean the world to you, you risk missing the chance to see them…maybe one last time. See, Thursday, those insistent messages from Jim were to tell me a dear friend that I had been INTENDING to get together with had died in a car accident. The sadness, guilt, and pain of losing someone I meant to get together with is palpable. And then my mind raced through all the friends I had INTENDED to see in the past 6 months.  I love them and I have not made the time for them. No more.

Believe it or not, I was just called on doing the same thing! Thank you June for setting me straight.



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