Beep beep boop

………..anyone that uses WordPress knows what that means…

I’m sitting here, working…at 9:13…while binge watching (no, just two episodes at a time) Sons of Anarchy and thinking to myself how is it that people come up with the idea that Kurt Sutter is glamorizing motorcycle clubs.

It’s all about charachter development, I know…but as the seasons go along, I am moved from liking to loathing each member of the cast (except Chibs…I like Chibs all the time). Right now I’m on a Jax-loathing tear. I’m impressed by Charlie Hunnam’s acting and of course, everyone else in the cast is pretty awesome too. But character-wise, these are not men and women to want to emulate. As time goes on, each of them seems to lose their conscience – and that line between life and death…right and wrong…murder and revenge (wait, is there a line there?) Well, it gets all kindsa blurred.

Not really what I totally wanted to talk about – but it might have sucked some of you in.

I just want to shout out to everyone on the day after my birthday for the great well wishes cuz well, it totally sucked being sick on my birthday. Not that I had any huge plans, but regardless – you can’t do anything if you’re sick.

And, on the positive side, I got a 12″ cast iron skillet (I have the 10″ and a grill pan), and what looks to be an 18″ round griddle. Oh YAY! So… you’ll probably see more stuff from me in the near future. Yup, cast iron cooking. lodge

I love my family. They know me so well.  Thanks Honey, and thanks Mommy.


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