Coombsy Jean Aquino-Cooper

Cute Puppy Girl SittingCoombsy – racing name


So maybe it’s time to talk a little bit about this silly girl. It’ll be hard…

Lots of you know about Flyer – he “started” the greyhound group with me (and some other of my dear greyhound friends). He died on Feb 6, 2004. A mere 7 days later, this crazy 3 year old white dog landed on my doorstep. Okay, we picked her up at the pickup spot on 95…ultimately she landed on my doorstep. She was pretty. Really pretty.

She was a mess tho. She was barely house trained. Oh wait…she WASN’T house trained. She wasn’t really even crate trained! She’d go in the crate, but then she’d pee and poop in the crate…and then lie down. After a month of going to work and coming home to that…carrying her into the bathroom to give her a bath…I thought I’d go crazy. But, once Free Free (her “brother”) arrived on the scene, she got better and kinda quit doing that.

So, that was the rocky time with her. Honestly, at night we’d sit together on the floor and I’d play “Alien Eyes” with her – where I smooshed my nose against her nose and she looked like the alien from Close Encounters – I have no idea what I looked like to her but she didn’t mind. We’d put lavendar scented moisturizer on my hands and I’d pet her until I thought she was asleep. Of course, she’d wake up the minute I moved but it was nice.

I’ll never forget the night I was lying with her on her bed and I was making silly faces at her. I don’t quite remember WHY but I noticed she was showing me her teeth. I thought at first she was baring her teeth but she was happy, not at all antagonized. She was smiling – I actually thought she might be laughing at me in her own way. She liked to smile. I miss her smile. Sometimes I could get her to smile bigger…and bigger.

Oh, and her talking. Now, she wasn’t much of a barker, although she did have a bark to her – geez, sounded like a rottweiler…very masculine and kinda terrifying. That said, I think she might have barked 10 times in 11 years…and not at all in the past 4. But before we moved in with mom & dad, she started talking. She would try like heck to make word sounds. And she was very intentional. This was after Jim moved down here, so we’d try to make her say something. And she would. We still never understood what she was saying.

Chow hound. Yes, she loved a good cookie – but no human food (except fruits and vegetables) was safe around her. She stole hamburgers from plates, licked peanut butter of toast…if it was something “delectable” and it was within reach…it was hers. She did beg incessantly for cookies.

She had a natural sit. I think shortly after Free Free arrived (6 weeks after I got Coombsy), I noticed her sitting. And, having taken Flyer thru obedience class, I thought quickly to “mark it” with a treat. Well, that became the funniest thing – she’d follow you around thinking you had a cookie and sit for you. Until you had a cookie and you gave it to her. She was a sitting FIEND.

Yes, she had her issues. She never liked little dogs. She also didn’t like BARKING dogs (she wasn’t a dog, was she?). Late in life she didn’t much like car rides…and pretty early in her “demo dog” career she didn’t like events where other dogs could get in her face. She would defend her ground for sure.  Hated water. Hated thunderstorms. Hated getting her nails cut. Hated veggies.

But she was a love bug. A toy hound. A chow hound. My shadow. My heart. And I am still not sure how I’m going to live without her.


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6 Responses to Coombsy Jean Aquino-Cooper

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦
    Our Oscar tried to talk, too. We got him to say “I love you!” but we were never sure if he knew what he was doing or if he was just trying to imitate us. The new pups haven’t tried talking yet, but their faces are expressive enough without words.
    Coombsy sounds like she was one heck of a good dog, though, and I’m sure she loved you as much as you loved her.


  2. maryaquino says:

    If I could show you how she tried to talk…there was a “facial” thing to it. And she tried HARD to form words. I actually think she thought she was speaking in a tongue we could understand.

    Thanks Lindsay. We just got her “cremains” back today. Doesn’t make it any easier…


    • Lisa Jones says:

      My heart hurts so much for you. I remember the day Tipper finally came home (the day we got her remains) just 6 weeks ago. I think that was the hardest day of all. My best friend showed up on my doorstep that night as a surprise just to hug me. If I knew where you lived and I could get to you I would do that for you.
      I can say, now that you have her back there will be some days that are a little easier, but there will still be an empty spot. Sending you lots of love. Call me if you want/need to talk.


  3. Melanie says:

    I remember long ago when Coombsy sent Free Free to do my home visit – that was during her defend her ground days!!! They take a piece of our heart with them when they go, but those babies are definitely worth it. Thinking of you.


  4. Cricket says:

    Sending them to wait at the Rainbow Bridge is the hardest thing we, as pet owners, have to do. She’ll be waiting for you, along with Free Free. Know that there are many others who know how you feel and mourn along with you. And when the time is right, another 4 legged angel will steal your heart. Hugs to you & Jim.


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