What am I looking forward to?

My “blog buddy” (I’m making up that term…and calling her a buddy cuz i read her blog all the time) Confessions of a Human Vacuum started a good trend with a Five Things Friday. That’s awesome…I know I can’t necessarily come up with Five of anything but I thought I’d do a quasi-regular blog on what I’m looking forward to.

I may just have five things.

1. Holy City Brewing Company Meet & Greet – I planned about three weeks ago to head out to the monthly meet & greet for Greyhound Pets of America Charleston at Holy City. We are blessed to have a group of craft-breweries in the Charleston area and they are very dog-friendly. I’ve only been to Coast, which is a really nice brewery, but I have wanted to visit another on greyhound day. Well, since Coombsy is gone and some day we’ll have to consider another…it seemed like heading to Holy City would be wonderful. And so I’ll be there NEXT week. I *am* looking forward to it!

2. Cooper Annual World Tour 2015 – yeah, it isn’t really a world tour but we are heading to Massachusetts for our annual World Tour. Oh. Wait. National tour. Thingee. I do look forward to having time with MA friends, and believe it or not, I am looking forward to 18 hours in a car with my mom. Just my mom. We will go in a separate car because I have to come back home and work. Jim will be staying for a little while longer.

3. Going to the gym – I REALLY want to go to the gym tomorrow. That is all.

4. The end of Tourist Season – this year, it’s been really bad. Bad drivers, crazy attitudes. WTF? Why be a jerk when you are traveling? I really don’t understand. I try to NEVER be a jerk (I can be a jerk sometimes, I know) but I definitely don’t cop a ‘tude when I’m not in my home state, in my car, or in my house. Really. Aren’t we supposed to be having fun on vacation? Show it, people! Crack a smile, seriously!

So, Lindsay, here’s my reply to your blog. Kinda close to what you asked…kinda.



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2 Responses to What am I looking forward to?

  1. Cricket says:

    Yippeeee!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you at Holy City!!!


  2. Lindsay says:

    Love it!
    I’m excited for the end of the MB tourist season as well, but I think we’ll still be catching the tail-end of it. But yes, I agree. People can be jerks on vacation (I think it relates back to them feeling entitled to having a perfect, stress-free vacation), which just seems so wrong.

    Enjoy the World Tour! 🙂


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