Our “Little” Bundle of Joy

I have to admit, I really didn’t know the song Eli’s Comin when everyone started quoting it to me so I had to listen. (Click the link if you don’t know it either).

Jim and I welcomed Eli (I’m thinking Alexander would be a good middle name) Cooper – a 73 pound bouncing  baby boy to our family on Sunday.


He has, in 3 days, gone from the wiggle worm shown above to being the love bug calm chill boy with an interesting personality and some seriously beautiful eyes.

As if sent from heaven (hmmm….was he?) it has quickly become evident that Eli loves being a Cooper. He loves when Jim plays the guitar or the bass…Jim is currently playing the bass and Eli is happily snoozing in his bed. He’s beginning to discover the toys I ran through the washing machine last week – whether he’s sharing his dining room bed with them or carrying them around the house. And we’re praying for a repeat of another sleep filled night.

I think he loves us, and I know we love him. Welcome home buddy.


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2 Responses to Our “Little” Bundle of Joy

  1. Cricket says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t know Eli’s Coming!! Not rock & roll enough for ya? 😉 Congratulations again on your 4 legged bundle of joy!


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