Greyhounds and Racing – a response to Grey2K

Please know that I am a HUGE animal advocate. And I love, most especially, retired racing greyhounds. So, for those of you out there who have “glommed onto” the CBS This Morning report that cited and quoted Grey2K as a “resource” with regards to greyhound racing, greyhound welfare, and greyhound adoption, please know this:

My left butt cheek has done more for greyhound adoption than Grey2K has. No. Really. Before you support Grey2K and their “sister” organization “The Humane Society of America” (throw PETA in there too, because they’re kinda slack asses), do the research. Not one penny raised by Grey2K goes to greyhound rescue, adoption, rehoming…not one red cent. So in this day and age of “getting your money’s worth” when donating…you need to know the truth about 90% of greyhound racing in the 21st century.

Let’s start back in the 80s tho. Reports of hundreds of dead greyhound carcasses rotting behind the Hollywood, FL racetrack drove animal-lovers such as myself to investigate and get involved with rescue and…ultimately, adopt a retired racing greyhound. Let’s be serious tho – that was in 1980-something.

Since then (by the way, 1986 was 30…COUNT ‘EM…30 years ago…) we’ve come a long way baby. And that horrifying “scene” at Hollywood Park is not the reality of 2016. Greyhounds are respected dogs. They are known as the loveable 45mph couch potatoes. And, they are loved by 90% of the trainers/kennels/owners of retired racing greyhounds. You might pause when I say 90%. Well, that 10% not “loved” … that’s bad, isn’t it?

Here’s reality: 10% of ALL dogs are abused in some eay…WAIT…PROBABLY MORE THAN 10%. Have you looked at an animal shelter recently? Pitbulls, labs, little yappy crappy dogs, big dogs, little dogs…dogs MUCH WORSE OFF than greyhounds in a racing kennel…we, as a society, don’t really value the pet for what it should be: a loved family member. We toss away our pets in the same way we toss away paper cups and plastic water bottles. So, that 10% of greyhounds that *may* be abused…that’s likely lower than the average dog population in a small town. Note the use of the word MAY in that sentence too. Really, racing greyhounds are *not* abused dogs. So let’s break this down.

Racing greyhounds are athletes. They’re sprint runners. Think about the runners you know. Now imagine them being abused, beaten, sickly, bogged down with parasites and such. How fast would they run?

Let’s do another analogy. Let’s take WalMart. WalMart has stock that they rely on to make a profit. (Insert greyhound owner as big box merchant and greyhounds as stock.) Does WalMart take their stock out back and smash it to bits, keep it from shelter, treat it poorly before it’s sold?

In BOTH those cases, the answers are obvious. So why can’t we superimpose the racing industry and greyhounds into that situation? Because groups such as Grey2K have tried to make the racing industry the bad guy. When looking at a group such as Grey2K, and I did look at them thinking they were the “good guys” at first, we have to think about how many dogs they have actively been involved with saving (and saving does imply the dogs were in danger….which is questionable). I’ve looked. Their money is tied up in corporate salaries, and in advocacy expenses…such as print ads and media hype. Not one penny is available even as GRANTS to greyhound rescue. So…..I return to my butt cheek. It’s been involved in at least one or two greyhound adoptions. Not Grey2K.

And, just to kinda try to wrap this up a bit, remember – we do not have a healthy society of animal lovers – if you are REALLY concerned about saving dogs lives…please, go to your local shelter. The dogs you see there…they need your help. If you truly want to help a greyhound, turn AWAY from groups such as Grey2K and towards rescues such as GALT, and GPA (those are two that I can think off off the top of my head but there are many others!)

I beg you to ignore the whining and caterwauling of the likes of Grey2K. They are trying to take down greyhound racing which really (in effect) means the end of a breed of dogs – the racing greyhound.

coombsy_sit_me_dtylercoombs_me_dtylerAnd who couldcoombs resist such crazy couch potato?Cute Puppy Girl Sitting




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  1. Cricket says:

    Amen, sister! Still love that picture of Coombsy in the sun. 🙂

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