Pounds after pound cake

So, after a wonderful post about pound cake, I’m going to post about my “fitbit” and all. Yeah, talk about a turn around.

I’ve been using my Jawbone activity tracker for about a month when either the app died on me, or the jawbone did…and so I was activity tracker-less…just when I hit a 2nd highest Saturday yet. Of course….I tracked 13K steps on my phone and that thing ain’t too accurate so, I’m sure the Jawbone had more. But it refused to update my Up app. Not helpful at all.

Fitbtit Flex was on sale on W00t! so, I got one. In red. and I’m charging. I’m trying to follow the instructions but I’m just not sure I’m doing this right. Oh well, we’ll see, right?

I think that my activity tracker kinda taunts me tho.


Imagine this, but in a kinda deep red, close to fuchsia. That’s it. So…those of you who use them – the battery and tracker is in that little black thing, right? And my directions said to charge it until it flashes at least 3 lights. Um, it flashed 5 lights right away when I plugged it in and yet it didn’t vibrate when I pressed it during the Bluetooth sync. Anyway, I’ll figure it out or be really frustrated.

Oh, the taunting thing. I’m active. 4 days a week. The other three, sometimes I’m active, sometimes not. So…on those three days…it’s like the activity tracker is staring at me laughing and expecting me to … well, be more active. It’s kinda freaky.

Here’s hoping that Fitbit can surpass the lifespan of Jawbone (although I actually liked the Up app, and the Jawbone itself…’cept that the model I had was no longer made.)

I’ve joined the ranks of those incredibly hip excercisers and have stepped (pun intended) into the fitbit stage of my life.

More later. Or maybe not.

Oh yeah…the funny from the other day – indicating that the reason the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years was because Moses was trying to maximize his steps on his Fitbit. Yup. That would be me…NO! LET’S WALK JUST A LITTLE LONGER!! I’M ALMOST AT 20K STEPS!!!




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One Response to Pounds after pound cake

  1. Cricket says:

    It’s amazing how much this thing motivates people to get up and move! Welcome to the ranks of Fitbit users. Prepare for some challenges!


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