Wow What A Day


So, this is my little way of journaling my trip to Denver for the Lungforce Walk and Broncos 5k with my friend Lisa.

Here’s the quick catch up. I’ve known Lisa for years. But by “known” I mean mostly as Peli…..short for her Tesla message board user name. We, as Facebook friends,  have gone back and forth about running a 5k together. Last year, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer. She is an amazing voice for lung cancer awareness and one of the strongest people I know. And this year….here I am in Denver…mere weeks after she has been found NED (No Evidence of Disease). Here I am.

So, I’m totally exhausted but wired. I’ve been up for around 15 hours…wait, maybe 16…and I am in bed watching Food Network. Yeah, my life is exciting.

****Can I also say that as excited as I am for this weekend, I miss Jim sumthin fierce.

And…..picture is the crazy big TV in my room.


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One Response to Wow What A Day

  1. Lisa Moran says:

    The greatest part of this trip is it was a plan and in the works before I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Mary and I meeting was going to happen no matter what!


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