Colorado Rocky Mountain High


No, not what you think.

This was an amazing trip. If for no other reason that I met four people I have “known” online, but had never met before (Shawna, I am saying this before we meet, but that’s happening in the morning.) And it was amazing. Ah-maze-ing.

But then I got to do a 5k (almost) and drive to the summit of Pike’s Peak (almost)….Lisa understands.

I saw some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. I was awed to tears several times.  I loved the breathtaking views of the majesty of God’s creation and I want to come back here with Jim because it is a really cool place.

Now I have to do the maniacal race back to Denver International Airport tomorrow so I can make it home to my love.

Whirlwind. Awe-inspiring. This trip was all that and more.

Picture is Pike’s Peak and Mike, Lisa’s car.


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