Binge Watching?

imgdragonfly-in-amber1I have to admit to binge watching stuff in the past. Like Sons of Anarchy. Or Fuller House. Or Gilmore Girls. Or Royal Pains. Or Last Man Standing. Okay. I’ve binge watched a lot. Now-a-days, I’ve found a better thing than mindless TVing…Kindling. Yes, that’s my new term (use it if you want) for binge reading using my Kindle. And, it seems I’m stuck on reading Outlander. Every one of the books. It’s been 4 weeks and I’ve read 3 of them (yeah, that’s not ripping thru them at lightning speed but some other stuff is going on right now that I’m not going to get into).

I had read at least the first 3 books about 10 years ago then leant my copies to someone…at some point….

About a year ago, Amazon had the entire series (except, I believe, the most recent volume) on sale for some ungodly price like $6.99…I think there were 7 books…

So, I have these books. And I’m reading them. Much to the chagrin of Jim. Well, not really but sorta. It’s a nice diversion – books instead of Facebook. I like it.

Don’t mind me. I’ll be over there, with my Kindle. Kindling…the Outlander series. Yup.


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One Response to Binge Watching?

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Outlander. There are currently 8 books with a 9th coming out soon. There is also a series on Starz (available as an add-on to Prime with Amazon for $8.99). It is very well done, and then there is a large group on Facebook. Happy fan-girling!


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