Meltdown in….

So, I had two brief meltdowns today. Might just be the pressure of um…life, or…life in general. If I were a drinking sort, I would be trashed right about now.

Maybe you’ve had a day like I had today before. Looking back at it, I don’t see one particular event that caused tears or raging, however both happened today.

Was it having to speak with a person at the insurance company?  Well, no. She was all together pretty nice. But completely unable to help me. Was it that I can’t seem to fill out a request form correctly to save my life? Maybe. But probably not. Was it that in the midst of probably one of the most emotionally traumatic points in my life, I’ve had to stand on my head and spit quarters just to “get at” something that by all rights is mine to have, but impossible to actually get? Yeah…that could be it.
And much of the rest of the day was uneventful. Except the now-traditional having to act like the adult in the house again. I hate adulting.

Until this evening when I was just trying to wind down from the over-woundness of the day…and that one person whose voice you JUST DIDN’T NEED TO HEAR called. Yup. Of course she did. I might have been a bit blunt when I cut her off and hung up on her. I might have felt a teeny bit of remorse until I consulted with the family and received the spiritual pat on the back I needed. I guess it was the wrong day to be THAT person calling here. 

The ensuing verbal tirade trying to purge myself of all the pent up frustration of the day was maybe a bit much. Sometimes ya just gotta blow off steam.

And….the day ends with a shower, some relaxing Facebook posts, and maybe a glass of water. Stick a fork in me. I’m done. Can’t wait for the upcoming Tropical Storm Hermine. Yay.


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One Response to Meltdown in….

  1. Coop says:

    …so …basically. ..Mary thinks she “blew a gasket” today.
    Mary is “usually ” the calm one.
    I’m usually the….let’s say…” less patient ” one in these situations. .
    The girl is a Saint.
    ….look….she married me….yeah.
    She is an Amazing woman……
    I Love you baby…

    Liked by 1 person

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