I think that will be my next dog’s name.

A long time ago…let’s say at least 30 years ago…my mom had this book SOMEWHERE that showed all the tartans registered in Scotland. And I used to love looking at it because I’m a sucker for plaid. I had a kilt as a kid that I totally loved. No clue what happened to it but at some point kilts went out of fashion, and then (surprisingly enough) came back into fashion. And, I believe that was around my high school years. I somehow convinced my mom that I needed another kilt. I’m wondering where that sucker is right now…is it still hanging in my closet in Summerville?

Anyway, the point of this wasn’t so much about the kilt but the book. I can see it in my minds eye. Page after page after page of tartan plaid. Dad always liked Black Watch. I was more fond of the reds, russets, and purples (again…SHOCKING). I think I knew I was part Scottish. But, I totally couldn’t remember which last name in my mom’s heritage was the Scottish last name.

Did you know that the tartan book is now an ONLINE thing? Yet again….SHOCKING…Google search tartan and  you’ll see there’s a tartan registry. So what did I do? I started entering family names from my mom’s side…the ones I knew. Well, I admit, I really knew that Curtis was the French Canadian, so I had to go with my nana’s maiden name. Elliott.




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  1. Coop says:

    …you always had a thing for the Bay City Rollers, and Craig Ferguson. .

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