My Guilty Pleasure

Yeah, sounds pretty dirty, huh?

Some of you know this already so it will kinda be a repeat…maybe someday I will tell the whole story but here’s some of it.

I’ve got this whole life I lead that is all corporate (sorta) and “normal”. I work 40-60 hours a week, I own a house and a car…well, two houses a van and a car but who’s counting…and I’m as “ordinary” as everyone else. I live on a golf course (ewww….what an awful idea by the way) and I like to grocery shop and cook.

But, if money were no object, I would travel all over to see my favorite bands play. I’ve been a lot of places to see concerts. Really I have. McAllen TX. Grand Rapids MI. Some odd place in Minnesota. Kenosha WI. Erie PA. Old Orchard Beach, ME. Phoenix AZ. Las Vegas. Los Angeles. Sacramento.

So…yeah, that’s kinda where this story is going. I have a lot of bands I like, and I’d go see most of them anywhere but somehow, I always come back “home” to Tesla. I can’t describe it. And, I admit I’ve had a soft spot for Tesla for more years than I care to say.

When Jim came to “visit” 7 or 8 years ago, I was already “street-teaming” the only Charleston show I’d ever seen them do. I told him about it and asked if he liked Tesla and he was lukewarm. Yeah. Go figure. I just knew if I bided my time, he would learn how fantastic they are. Now he’s got a Tesla tattoo (I don’t even have one of those!!) and he’s out in Sacramento hanging out with some of the best people I know that I’ve never met…my Tesla friends. Our Tesla friends.

A long time ago, on a message board far far away, a handful of Tesla fans said it…and we say it still. Tesla fans are the best people we know. We love the band, and most of the time, we love the other fans that love the band (hey, even the most functional family is slightly dysfunctional, right?)

I’ve got friends that I only know because of Tesla, but I’d like ’em anyway…some are lifelong friends that I see on a regular basis (Spark) and occasional basis (Wanda & Rhonda, Shane, Steph) and some I have still never met…you know who you are. We share our lives outside of just that “guilty pleasure” of rock ‘n roll.

Oh. Story. Once, a few years back, I was informed that I needed to stop listening to “that rock ‘n roll” and listen to Christian music because I was now entrenched in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. For a bit, it totally vexed me because I am really not ME without that rock ‘n roll blood coursing through my veins. A very wise friend told me that God made me, and made me to be who I am…and that my love of rock ‘n roll was ME. And that’s okay.

So, getting a shout out from Jeff Keith on Facebook live (thank you Jeff Loux) may be a guilty pleasure…I’m proud to say I love my rock n’ roll guilty pleasures. Seriously.




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