What’s Giving Tuesday All About?

Last year, I went on and on about Giving Tuesday. Not much response…but let’s think this year and forget the past.

What is Giving Tuesday? If you google Giving Tuesday, you’ll see lots of things. But check this site out: https://www.givingtuesday.org/ Giving Tuesday is the nonprofit response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those days are ALL about spending – and by spending, I don’t mean spending to give back. I mean retail, capitalistic, me-me-me mentality. I’m not saying do spend on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Not at all. I’m saying…save a few bucks back and give. Give on Giving Tuesday.

You might know that I work for Blackbaud. We are the #1 software provider to nonprofits world-wide. And, for that reason, nonprofits are very close to my heart. Well…one or two in particular are VERY close to my heart. Greyhound Pets of America Charleston has hold of most of my heart, for sure. And they’re who I want to talk about.

For 13 years, GPA Charleston has been finding loving forever homes in the coastal South Carolina/Georgia area for retired racing greyhounds. As an organization, we’ve probably placed…300 dogs…maybe more, maybe less. And most years we fly under the radar, existing and surviving on adoption fees and local support at our events. We don’t do an annual appeal. We just hope. But this year, we’ve got an expense…we have a seizure dog. And by seizure dog I don’t mean occasional mild seizures. I mean…grand mal, and fairly regularly. His name is Sigma. He is going to be an expense for the rest of his life…we may find him a comfortable semi-permanent foster home but we will provide for him so that he will never go without his meds or checkups. That could mean about $200 per month. Some months less, some more.

Think about what you pay for expenses per month. Telephone, utilities, mortgage, food…we pay those too. And vet costs (times however many foster dogs we may have at any time), and heartworm, flea control, food, treats, toys…collars, muzzles, leashes, microchips…

You probably know all this. What I’d like you to know tho…is that this year, we need you. We need your $5, $10, $15 donation. We need that. And, this year when you give…maybe tell Pay Pal to charge the fee to you – your $5 may be $5.35, or something like that. That $5 is tax deductible. It might mean you don’t get a Starbucks for a day or two. It might mean you bag lunch one day. Can you do that? I can. I will.

Giving Tuesday is November 29. Go to your calendar right now and mark that day as the day you’re going to donate $5 to Greyhound Pets of America Charleston.

Donate Now – look for the PayPal link on the left side of the page

Or send money to adoptcharlestongreys@yahoo.com. Or mail a check to GPA Charleston, PO Box 14533, Charleston SC, 29422

Giving is what #GivingTuesday is all about.



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