I Got My Wish

My husband frequently tells me, and everyone else that he has loved me for 40 years, and that I am the girl he always dreamed of. So…

I met Jim in 1976. We sat next to each other in band. I was a bad oboe player and he played clarinet. 

Why he fell in love with 7th grade me, I will never know. I can tell you I was an awkward, not overly popular band dweeb that spent her spare time practicing the piano, going to Girl Scouts and studying. I spent my summers at Tanglewood rather than going to summer camp or the beach (until Kim started inviting me to go on vacations with her family….she came to Tanglewood with us too). I wasn’t into make-up or fashion. I wasn’t athletic or even very graceful. Still shy on the graceful thing. 

We were in band together from 7th to 12th grade…then I went off to college, and well…we saw each other on holiday breaks and summer. 

During my wild ride to California, somehow, we kept in touch. No clue how that happened.

I lost touch with a lot of people in the New Jersey years. That’s a story for another time…however during those “lost” years, I always wondered where he was. 

When I moved to the Carolinas, I had long lost touch with Jim, but every once in a while, if I ran into someone from “home” I would ask if they knew where he was at. Honestly, I got some of the CRAZIEST responses  to that…he was a skinhead, he was a scary biker dude, he was dead….all kindsa crazy things. Nothing I could confirm though.

Enter Facebook back in like…2007 or something. I got a friend request from a high school band-mate that was followed up by a message which went something like this:

“You’ll never guess who is in my band…”

Yup. I messaged this friend my phone number and said, “Tell him to call me.”

We talked on the phone for a year or two or maybe more. Or less. One day, he was telling me how the plumbing work had dried up and I said, “Well, come visit for a couple of weeks and recharge your batteries…..”

We’ve been ecstatically happily married for almost four years. I wonder if I had just been blind for all those years. I mean, could I have been staring at my

 soul mate for all that time and not realized we were meant to be together? My guess is yes.

All in all, I got my wish. My true love. My rock star. My soul mate. 


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2 Responses to I Got My Wish

  1. Coop says:

    …I was a bad clarinet player. Awkward kid who was told I was an idiot and would never amount to anything.
    ….Mary was really nice to me. She encouraged me….musically, and came along side me as a friend. She had no ulterior motives. Just Mary being Mary. She was always bubbly and smiling. She used to skip down the halls…always with kind words of encouragement. I didn’t realize it at the time, bu it was the light and love of Christ, Mary always had about her. She still does.
    …everything she did, led me to my choice to become a musician. Her parents were very much the same. Always a kind word, encouraging and caring. They were THE musicians I truly looked up to as the kind of person I longed to be…some day…maybe….
    We never wanted to “ruin” our beautiful friendship…
    …well, 40 years later, I consider myself the most blessed man in the world. In this world , the Lord our God comes first….next is Mary. She is the air I breathe. …she has Always been my biggest supporter, friend, fan, and now I can shout from the Mountain tops, the woman that God created to be my angel, my everything is my loving wife, Mary.
    …this relationship is so incredibly easy. We don’t fight….ever….our love has lasted 40 years…I pray the good lord gives us another 40, but I will be forever thankful for my greatest gift from God. Every day. I Love you Mary…..

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