In My Own Little Corner of the World

I like to say that I am often accused of being Pollyanna because I try to see the positive side of everything. 

In the past 18 months, I’ve found it hard to see positives in our world, for WHATEVER reason. And, I’ve too often worried that my thoughts and opinions posted on a nameless social media site would offend my friends in such a way that they would, in fact, no longer like me. (Yes, I can be THAT insecure sometimes). Maybe I’m a snowflake, maybe I’m an empath, maybe I’m just too damn sensitive. Or maybe I have so much shot resting on my shoulders now-a-days that I am unsure who I really am. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge.
So, here is my final word on all that…

If you harm puppies, kitties, horses, birds, goats, chickens, otters….name an animal. If you hurt them, I don’t like you. That is my sole stump to st

If you don’t fall in that category then you might be my friend. 

I have opinions on worldly things but they are none of your damn business. They are mine. 

Sorry to be so cold, but I am not able to carry this weight anymore and I need to find peace. 


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3 Responses to In My Own Little Corner of the World

  1. Bob Bernasky says:

    That’s why I take my periodic breaks from FB, Mary. Too much animosity. Add in everything going on around me and I don’t need that “shot.”

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  2. Sue Davis says:

    Well said. ☺


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