Basil and Wha?

It’s Memorial Day weekend. And, with three days off, I have to embark upon some sort of culinary or gastric excitement, right?

I did get up in time to watch my favorite Saturday morning show…Pioneer Woman. And I found nothing to actually copy this weekend. But, I did become motivated to blog which is the other part of why I love Ree Drummond. Between her and my Human Vacuum friend, I am reminded about food and blogging….at the same time.

So although my favorite farm market is unfortunately not at full function anymore (super sad…the associated garden store is now closed….the only organic farm in driving distance…so sad…) I did manage to get over to Indigo and grab some awesome fresh veggies – those have been cooked. I arrived too late to get fresh strawberries, but they did happen to have organic basil which I decided to grab.

I felt motivated to make my coconut pound cake for the weekend. And from that I cut up some grocery store-bought strawberries, sprinkled them with a little bit of lime juice and sprinkled them with organic sugar because store strawberries are not always the sweetest when bought from the grocery store.


And then I took some lemons, squeezed and zested them into my Vitamix. I added in organic honey and a HUGE pile of basil and liquified it. To add a bit to the “sauce” I included the pulp of the lemon. I liquified the sh*t outta that stuff. Just when you thought that was enough “stuff”…I added about a cup of coconut milk. It’s sweet, earthy, tangy….really nice flavor. I intend it to go on top of the pound cake or the strawberries…maybe both.

I’ve also made my standard summer squash and onion stir fry made with summer squash and zuccini from our farm market and baby potato salad with spring onions. It’s been a cooking kinda day.

Why did I tell you all this? I don’t know. Maybe to remind you to step outside the box and use some basil today with something aside from tomato sauce or pizza…


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