I Want To Eat It All…

So for the past five years, I’ve struggled significantly with my weight. I’ve probably mentioned that a few times on here…and many other places, I’m sure.

Two weeks ago, a friend told me about a lifestyle she’s begun, called Isagenix. She told me how it has changed her eating habits and has really helped her get her health under control. We talked about all of this when I was truly feeling at my very lowest – I had surpassed the 200 lb mark and just couldn’t seem to curb my appetite. I honestly wanted to eat all the time. I had grown out of just about every piece of clothing I owned except a couple of pairs of size 16 jeans and all of my yoga pants. Well, most of my yoga pants because I was wearing a couple of pairs that were actually tight on me. Yes. Yoga pants. Tight. What.The.Hell.

I decided that I needed a change. And, with that, I bought a 30 day package of Isagenix. I’m currently about 2 weeks into the thirty day cycle and I’m just now realizing that I really don’t need to eat all the junk I had been consuming up to now. Honestly, before I started this, I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without eating snacks of some sort. And, with that, I wasn’t really making very good choices.

Isagenix is all about eating clean, non-GMO, healthy, protein and complex carbs with a high quantity of vegetables and fruits. The products are vegetarian, and you can choose a great mix of shakes, bars, and juice-based products. I started this lifestyle thinking (as my friend did), I can do anything for 30 days. And now, I’m really feeling like this is a lifestyle I can manage for more than that. Right now, I am sticking fairly close to the “shake in the morning, healthy snack mid-morning, shake for lunch, healthy snack mid-afternoon, and portion-controlled dinner” but I can see myself flexing to keep Isagenix in my life to “power” my body with good nutrients.

The lifestyle includes one “cleanse” day per week where you drink their juice all day and lots of water with some mini-snacks that curb your appetite. I don’t love those days, but I do love that I am drinking over a gallon of water every day. That, just to be clear, has been something I could never do before.

And, twice this week I have gotten to dinner time and really not felt like eating everything in sight. Even tonight, which is typically pizza night at the house…I was more interested in salad and some fruit than the pizza. The other night I went out to eat and ordered a beer. I love Blue Moon. I drank about half of it, and with dinner (grilled shrimp), I was too full to drink it.

Yesterday, I had a Greek salad at the Pancake House and probably used a tablespoon of dressing, shared part of the salad with Jim, and left about 1/3 of it in the bowl. Couldn’t finish it.

I am unsure if I have lost much weight – I know five or six pounds for certain – but I do know I feel better and I am not constantly upset with myself for having eaten too much. I look forward to getting up tomorrow and having my shake along with my “greens” (Ionic Supreme – it’s got an apple-ish flavor and it’s like the “super-greens” thing I see in the Vitamin Shoppe.

Will I ever be the size 4 I was back in 2008? Doubt it. But, I’d really like to feel in control of something…



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