Colorado High Country Dreaming

Is any path to an end ever a straight line?

A few years ago, I think I blogged about my favorite authors and probably Pamela Clare came in the top five…highly likely the top 3…yes, too lazy to go look.

There are just a few authors I will buy a book from, sight unseen, words unread. I read about 70-80 books a year and while that isn’t significant in the big picture, I have my favorites. Again, Pamela Clare is among the top 3.

What made me such a Pamela fan? Book Bub. Yup. Book one of the Colorado High Country series was either free or 99 cents and that’s my go-to price for an author I’ve never heard of before. And at the time, I had not heard of Pamela Clare.

I purchased Barely Breathing and started reading it right away. The world building and character development grabbed me right away. The story was full of different sub-plots that kept me hooked. And, the idea of search and rescue…in the Rocky Mountains had me rapt. As often happens, once Barely Breathing was done, Kindle recommended Slow Burn and I just WANTED to know more about these people. I wanted to know what made them tick, what kept them together – I had to buy Slow Burn…and Falling Hard. Right about when I finished Tempting Fate, I realized that I wanted to learn to indoor rock climb. So you may briefly think, “What’s the big deal there?” BIG DEAL: I am terrified of heights. At that time, I thought to myself, it’s gonna be hard to climb if you are gripped in a terror lock when you’re 3 feet off the ground.

After these 4 books, I was hooked. I was hooked on Pamela and I was hooked on the idea of indoor climbing. I swear, I consumed the remainder of the series (two more books) in no time flat and knew I had to find a climbing gym. I’ve been blessed that there’s a climbing gym less than an hour away but I wish there was one close enough I could go to more than twice a year. I can tell you that especially when belay climbing, the concept of height is somewhat irrelevant since you have a harness and you are roped to someone or something that prevents you from crashing down from the 40 foot (or higher) wall. I highly recommend it as a fun way to be a momentary daredevil.

And while I am recommending things, I highly recommend all of Pamela Clare’s books. She writes historicals, romance, and romantic suspense books. There are three main (non-historical) series – this one, the Colorado High Country series. Another romance series of hers puts you in the bull pen of an investigative reporting team at The Denver Independent newspaper called the I – Team Series. If Romantic Suspense is more your jam, The Cobra Elite series is SUPER!

For those of you who like historical romances, my favorite is the MacKinnon Rangers series. There’s also the Blakewell/Kinleigh Family Trilogy series. Both of these historicals center around 18th century America.

On my recommendation, I hope you jump into a climbing gym just to see if you are as excited about it as I was. Believe it or not, it was the climbing gym that brought me to CrossFit (which is now a passion) and it was Pamela Clare’s Colorado High Country series that ignited that flame in the first place. It’s summer. You should be attacking books and consuming them as if they are vital to your being! Consider Pamela a chef for your needed sustenance!

Check her out (the four Colorado High Country books are on sale) right now, right here! Click to buy from Amazon!

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