It’s Not a Cult, It’s a Feeling

The running joke about CrossFit is that it is a cult. And, to the point that those who are part of the “cult” share common loves (the WOD after you’ve finished) and hates (Assault bike)…and we speak a language many don’t understand…maybe it’s a bit like a cult.

The fact that you can come and go without reparation in any way kinda disproves the cult theory.

The most amazing thing I find about CrossFit in general is that when it comes down to the ultimate competition, The CrossFit Games….we each have our favorite elite competitors but in the end, we want them ALL to win. They are all THAT good and in each moment you feel the elation and sorrow as they succeed and succumb.

During the games this year, I learned a few lessons.

1. Lead with uplift. As a woman, I am trying to change the way I think when I encounter new people and instead of leading with judgment, I am trying to lead with an uplifting energy….especially towards other women.

2. I can. We all need to tell ourselves what is possible, not what is impossible. I am inherently hard on myself. Years of being “not as…” Not as thin, not as pretty, not as talented, not as smart….whether it was true or not, it was in my head. Perception is reality. Watching the community of athletes on the field give it everything…reminded me that I CAN. If I allow myself to learn, I can.

3. Annie Thorisdottir taught me to always do my best and keep at it. Yeah, I knew it before she said it but seeing her come from where she was to podium…and to see how the community rallied around her…it was just like the fans running with Scott Panchik cheering him on and encouraging him to keep going. My best is just that…mine. There is a community of CrossFitters out there cheering me on to do my best with each workout.

So, maybe CrossFit is a cult…we all wear the same shoes, booty shorts, sports bras and drink the same post-workout protein drinks (no we don’t)…talk in a language others don’t understand (AMRAP, EMOM, macros, METCON) … if that makes it a cult then so be it.

I mean…..I want to be part of a cult that includes people such as these….

…..and all the amazing friends I’ve made in the past couple of years. A community of people who uplift, encourage, and challenge each other to be better every day.

About Solid Body Strong Mind

Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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