Yes You Can

Today’s lesson is about yes.

Today I taught myself a lesson about saying YES. I wanted to share this lesson so that you, my beloved readers, know that you TOO can say yes to things you didn’t expect were able to be “yessed”. Let me explain.

Frequently, I do CrossFit workouts alone in my garage at 5 AM. And by frequently, I mean every week day. I started on this journey in 2019 and I’ve tried to be consistent with my working out as much as possible. Life has gotten in the way a few times, but overall, I’ve been motivated and have gotten the job done.

There are days (we all have them, I’m pretty sure) where the morning is overwhelming and actually gets bad enough where I either cherry pick or totally bail. Those days I just chalk up as a loss and try to forget.

But for this YES moment, I want to point out that because I work out alone, I don’t have the benefit of other “gym” members cheering me on at the point where I do something GREAT (or even just a little bit good). I have to be my own cheering squad. That’s sometimes hard. Specifically hard recently as I’ve been sick and am just getting back at it this week.

The YES moments I am experiencing this week are YES you can do technique work and still have a moment where things CLICK … and your lifts (or whatever) seem to be exactly what they’re supposed to be.

This morning, I was doing pause push jerks. Although after the fact I think I realized I wasn’t doing the pause – push correctly, the receipt of the bar on just about EVERY single rep was a beautiful “float through the air and land in my hands” feeling which is kinda the way a lot of lifts are supposed to feel. Also, I got the true sensation of GETTING UNDER THE BAR in the receipt. It was phenomenal. I did my lifts with no more than 45 pounds, which is good for me, but not a record in any way.

And, I’m going to do something else YES that I need to do more often. Post a picture of myself that shows my stomach. I never do that. But damn it, I’m one week shy of 59 years old and while I don’t have abs of steel, I am proud of the shape my body is in…and I need to stop shaming myself for “getting fat” and not being able to shed the pounds.

This is 59.

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Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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