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By the pound

A pound, a pound, a pound, a pound. So…what’s that? I was reminded today about the easy way to pull together a fantastic dessert. Pound Cake. I don’t have a new version of any recipe here but I’m waiting on … Continue reading

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A Quarter Cup of Cocoa…and….

Here I sit watching my favorite Saturday morning show (Pioneer Woman…just can’t get enough the “life on the ranch” and cooking for her family stuff…horses, baking, cooking…how can you go wrong with that?) I have had a hankering to bake … Continue reading

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Blueberry Streusel Cake

This is the recipe for the cake on my facebook page yesterday…two qualifying statements – this is NOT my recipe, I actually followed one, but I might have done something a little different if I was feeling inventive…but I wasn’t. … Continue reading

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New Attempt at Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert Bars – Organic Style!

I will not rest until I make the perfect chocolate/peanut butter sweet treat.  So…I tried again.  I drove down the organic street tho.  Bought all organic/non-gmo/no pesticide, no additive, no anti-biotic stuff – EVEN THE COOKING SPRAY! So, I took … Continue reading

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That Choco-peanut butter cookie recipe that has haunted me at night…

I share with you, because you are my loyal readers…haha…and I thank you for that.  Now. The back story.  I have been wanting to make a cookie that reminds me of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  So of course, it … Continue reading

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And, another. French Bread – this isn’t really MY recipe either…but I’ve been asked for it

I scarfed this one from the Kitchen Aid book.  I’ll steal this line from a prayer card my mom bought for me at Carmelite Gift Shop, in Peabody, MA:  Never been found to fail. French Bread (a la Kitchen Aid) … Continue reading

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