Welcome to my corner of the blog-world.  If you’re looking for excitement and mental challenge, you may want to head elsewhere – this will just be a bit of drivel from me.  By me.  Since it seems I’m all about me.  HA!

2 Responses to About

  1. Pat Chiquelin says:

    Right on!

    I am the mom of a needy but super-sweet pup and a teenager. Remember all those books read and research done before having a baby… That same attention and pre-work is necessary before having a dog. BTW: If you do it right, the rewards will be incredible!


  2. Mary, you are now officially nominated for the King of Kings Friendship Award. It’s a blessing and no work to accept it. Pop over to my blog and see my post on it when you’ve a moment and grab a copy of the award image to post on your blog. Congrats!


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