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My aren’t we chatty this week…

So I’m back on the greyhound thing y’all.  I say that because some of you may want to tune me out at this point. I look at my girl sleeping over there (you can see where I’m pointing, right?) and … Continue reading

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Crate training your dog

I have to begin by saying, “I have NO FORMAL TRAINING” in dog behavior.  Just trial & error experience.  However, over the years working with retired racing greyhounds, I have learned a few things. First and foremost, YOU must be … Continue reading

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Read this please

Click to access Life%20After%20Racing%20Part%20III.pdf But before you read it, know, please that I didn’t even know the article existed on the GPA site.  I did not know there was any research being done on the whole “where will the dogs … Continue reading

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