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It’s NOT the dog’s fault…but…

In respose to the “Pitbulls are Dangerous” blog that is circulating, I submit the following blog and also comment that training, parenting, good fences, and a little bit of responsibility on EVERYONE’S part would go a long way in situations … Continue reading

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Heeding the call…also known as ignoring the call in my case

I said this in my Facebook status this morning but I have been feeling this pull all day to write a blog…so…well, hopefully I will at least make a little bit of sense. As if the “stars” are aligning, today … Continue reading

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Thank you Joyce Meyer

Y’know when the stars all line up and you’re reminded several times of the same thing? This morning, I was thinking to myself, “Self…” haha…just kidding.  I was thinking to myself tho: Prayer…what is “intercessory prayer”?  I didn’t know the … Continue reading

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Soothe Your Tummy Smoothie

Okay, I admit.  I’m just drinking it now so I don’t know if it will soothe my tummy but…I created a Ginger-Pear Smoothie that is actually really yummy and I am hoping it will take care of the burning sensation … Continue reading

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