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One more before I rest

I’m not usually this prolific, I know.  But, I thought I would “get it all out” right now.  I’m about to defy all culinary aspirations (btw, pronounce that word culinary with a LONG “u” please…my mom would love it) and … Continue reading

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And, another. French Bread – this isn’t really MY recipe either…but I’ve been asked for it

I scarfed this one from the Kitchen Aid book.  I’ll steal this line from a prayer card my mom bought for me at Carmelite Gift Shop, in Peabody, MA:  Never been found to fail. French Bread (a la Kitchen Aid) … Continue reading

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Another blog recipe: Pico de Gallo Mary Style

I like my salsa very fresh tasting, with a bit of bite (I like more bite than I can put in, as my mom likes NO bite at all) and I like a LOT of cilantro.  I mean, a LOT. … Continue reading

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A couple of recipe blogs: Walnut Bread

It was taking forever for my note on FB to load, etc…so I thought I would blog some recipes.  It’ll make me feel more like Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman…have you read her blog?  Seen her website?  If not, go … Continue reading

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Who wants to open a restaurant with me?

Yes, I love my job.  Don’t worry, I’m not changing careers. Today, I’m somewhat “suffering” from laryngitis…and a tiny sore throat – mostly from talking for 5 days (when sometimes I don’t talk at all for a week). So, when I’m … Continue reading

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