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Protein Packed Granola

I’ve been making my own granola because I haven’t been able to find my favorite protein bars. I have approximate macros if anyone is interested. This is just what I made for a “big batch” 1/2 c pecan chips (I … Continue reading

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Bread(stick) is Life

So, in my continual quest to be able to bake any kind of bread, I tried bread sticks tonight. Kinda a traditional type of bread recipe, so nothing wild and crazy there. I originally had planned to make them with … Continue reading

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Weary food post….

No, not weary food. I’m weary, and I’m going to post about food. But, the oddball title made ya look, didn’t it? So, I’ve been looking at this one-pot burrito bowl recipe in my Pintrest page (in my Clean Eating … Continue reading

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Ravioli salad

  I made this one up, and it tasted pretty darn good.  I think it wouldn’t sound quite as appetizing if I called it, “Clean Up All The Left Over Veggies” salad…but it’s kinda what i did…   First off, … Continue reading

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Not a recipe

Yeah, it’s been all about cooking and baking lately, I know.  But…not this one.  Although since I’m writing stream of consciousness, I may wind up in food again. I realized not that long ago I was not doing very well … Continue reading

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Who wants to open a restaurant with me?

Yes, I love my job.  Don’t worry, I’m not changing careers. Today, I’m somewhat “suffering” from laryngitis…and a tiny sore throat – mostly from talking for 5 days (when sometimes I don’t talk at all for a week). So, when I’m … Continue reading

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I am sorry…

I have not really felt up to blogging lately. I have 3 restaurant reviews to write (note to self: King Street Grille, Benjamin’s and Ella’s….wait, four…Stevens) and so much news but lately my creativity has been plastered all over my … Continue reading

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What has Mary been up to?

Well, I’m about to embark upon week 3 of Curves.  Actually, I embarked on Thursday.  But, if we’re talking about actual weeks…that’s tomorrow. Curves is great, because it forces me to work out for at least 30 minutes a day.  … Continue reading

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Much more focused

Okay so here’s life this week. I decided to get BACK ON THE FITNESS KICK.  Yes, I did it.  I felt so horrible.  I actually don’t WEIGH as much as I thought I did…but damn it, my Lucky jeans do … Continue reading

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Day 10…and I’ve now worked out every day for a week…

Coop came today and brought me my 5 lb dumbells, a pair of better sneakers and my 5 lb “ball”.  So, today I overdid it 🙂 with weights.  I am having back issues so I’m trying to take it a … Continue reading

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